10 Common Career Mistakes

what-was-i-thinkingI've made the mistake of feeling helpless and I don't want you to feel the same way.

The list below was created to help remind you to stay in control of your career and not give up on designing the career of your dreams.

1. Do everything your boss asks you.

2. Telling yourself that your job is just a job, so you don’t care too much about it.

3. Not networking with people in your field.

4. Wishing that you had a better job and not building your resume to actually get that job.

5. Not taking breaks to recharge your mental batteries.

6. Isolating yourself from your co-workers.

7. Not seeking out other people’s help on big projects. (i.e. thinking you can do it all on your own.)

8. Allowing interruptions (meetings, phone calls, and internet) to stop your work flow.

9. Not using your favorite superpower every single day. (e.g. asking great questions. That's my favorite superpower.)

10. Worrying too much about how much money you make instead of the impact you have on other people.

What would you add to the list?

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