5 Smurf-tastic Tips to Work Like a Great Team

Papa Smurf

The Smurfs are great role models because they understood how to work happy. They had many great traits that every company would love to have.


  1. They worked as a team


They knew that they couldn’t do it all alone, so they came together to fight off Gargamel (the bad guy who wanted to eat them). They gathered all their collective intelligence and got the job done.


  1. Papa Smurf made quick decisions


Everyone would look to Papa Smurf to assess the situation and make a quick, but thoughtful decision. More CEOs should watch some Smurfs to see how Papa Smurf kept everyone calm. Wouldn’t it be cool to see Bill Gates or Larry Page watching the Smurfs before they left for work?


  1. They always look on the bright side


The Smurfs always landed into trouble, like all good cartoons. They never thought that they couldn’t escape a situation, except for Brainy. He always thought they were doomed, but his negativity never rubbed off on the other Smurfs because they knew that they had to stay positive to get back to the village safely.


  1. They laughed, sang and danced


They were always celebrating. This cool article about celebrating was written by Tom Volkar at Delightful Work. We need to celebrate our wins and flops. Yes our flops too, so we never forget the mistakes we made. Check out my post about creating a monthly fun plan to keep spirits high.


  1. Every Smurf had his role, but was always willing to pitch in.


Every Smurf understood his/her strengths. Papa Smurf was the leader, Brainy was smart, and Handy was able to build anything, but no matter what they were involved in - they were never afraid to chip in and help each other to get the job done.


Next time you are stuck in a difficult situation ask yourself, “What would Papa Smurf do?”



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