Why Your Company Should Budget for a Fun Work Environment

Create a Fun Work Plan

We budget for office supplies, travel expenses, new computers, and everything else, but we don’t budget for a fun work environment. When people dislike working for a company they won’t stick around to help it succeed. If they leave that means more money must be put into interviewing and training a new hire. And no one knows if they will be a good fit until six months or a year down the line.

Budget for Work Fun


That’s why budgeting for a fun work environment should be implemented now. Whether you are the Mom and Pop grocery store or Whole Foods, you have to stay competitive in this global market in order to retain employees. I could get a job in Berlin, Hong Kong, or Sri Lanka. I don’t because I’m married, enjoy my current job, and I'm looking to build this website to great heights. Although, I’m always willing to listen to offers. If someone were to offer me three times what I’m making now and it was a great job, I would be asking my wife, very persuasively, if she would like to move.


It’s no longer the case that the company down the street might steal your company’s employees; it’s everyone. That's why every company must set aside a small amount of resources to make sure that their employees know that they are dedicated to creating the best atmosphere possible.

Fun Plan


Your company should asses their finances before they implement a Fun Plan. If your company is healthy and prosperous then they ought to set aside a proportionate percentage. My suggestion is that each company should budget as much as they would spend on a Holiday/Christmas party. However a company chooses to implement their Fun Plan, it should be backed up by a small amount of money. In order to show their dedication to improving the work environment.


I’m not saying you need to break the bank to create a fun work environment, so if you can only spare $50 a month then so be it. There are a lot of things within each company's culture that can create fun. Some employees love food, so maybe you can celebrate with a different type of food each month. Let the employees make suggestions and vote on what the food will be for the month. Other employees are a little more active, so maybe you can create an indoor putting challenge, and whoever wins gets to choose the next party’s theme and also decides what charity will get the $50. There are many ways to create a fun work environment. Gather your company's employees together and have everyone brainstorm a few ideas.


The CEO and the rest of management may say that they are committed to creating a fun work environment, but are they putting their money where their mouth is? My guess is that most will be willing to say they want to create a fun atmosphere, but aren’t willing to sacrifice profits. If they aren’t willing to commit money to such a worthy cause then they need to commit something even more valuable - their time. I'll discuss how we can make a Fun Plan on a budget of zero dollars next week.

Separate From the Competition


Your company has an opportunity to set itself apart from most of the other companies that don’t have a Fun Plan. I have actually wished that the companies that I've worked for had set aside some money to encourage a fun environment at my workplace.


Why do you think your company may or may not create a budget to a enhance the fun?


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