How to Tell if You are an Energy Sucker

Energy Sucker PostWe are surrounded by energy suckers and givers. What category do you put yourself in? It’s probably an energy giver. No one wants to think of themselves as an energy sucker.


Let me ask you this…Do you complain at work? Yes? I know that we all do and sometimes it’s good, but there is a thin line of overdoing it. You can tell when you are overdoing it when people aren’t complaining with you.


Next time you are complaining about your boss or about a certain project then take notice if people are joining in. If they are silent then you may be an energy drainer. Once labeled an energy drainer by your peers it’s going to take some work to overcome this stigma.


We all want to be energy givers because these are the people that pick us up when we are down. You can do this by cutting back on your complaining and putting your thoughts toward encouragement.


As soon as a complaint floats into your mind, try holding it in and doing a mental 180º and give a compliment or some encouragement to someone around you. When you do this over an extended period of time people will want work with you. You’ll create a happier work environment by giving people energy.


It sounds simple, and it really is. The simple techniques work. I've done this plenty of times and it has helped almost every time. My guesstimate would be 95% effective.


Who do you know who should use this technique? Please don't include names because if you do I'll have to change it to something weird to make people laugh like Dweezil or Moonbeam. Thanks.


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