Be the Change You Wish to See in Others

GhandiDo you wish other people at your job wouldn’t be so gossipy? Would you like your co-workers to recycle?


Be the change you want to see in the world.”

- Mahatma Gandhi


All of these problems that we see in others we also see in ourselves; a lot of the things that annoy us stem from an internal attack on our own person. I’ve noticed the people who are most at peace with themselves are most compassionate toward other people. They understand that improving their outlook is more important than changing other people’s habits.


I always wanted to be more relaxed when I commuted to work, but I couldn’t find a perspective to help me be compassionate toward other people. I wanted them to drive like me. I found myself getting mad at each driver who took their good old time making a turn or they stopped at a yellow light and this needed to change.


When a driver in front of me didn't make that yellow light, I let the anger in and accepted these feelings. Eventually they stopped taking hold of my mood because


  • I acknowledged these feelings

  • Relaxed with them

  • Redirected my thoughts toward something positive


Now when I’m making a turn I take my time and enjoy the shift in force from the car’s speed. When I come out of a turn I take the time to notice a tree that I pass or a person walking on the sidewalk. My attention is not about getting to work it's finding the cool little things that I've never took the time to notice before. I’ve created a new me when I drive, redirecting my thoughts to encourage happiness.


I’m changing my life one habit at a time. I don't require as much from others. I just make the change in myself and it allows me to have more compassion.


You can make changes in your own life to reflect what you want to see in others. Please remember that you will never be perfect, but as long as you keep adding new positive habits to your life, you’ll improve your happiness.


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