Notice the Every Day WOW

You are walking to the meeting room and nothing registers on your external radar. You're probably lost in thought, trying to prepare yourself for the people in the meeting. You don't notice the beautiful painting of the little house tucked along a hillside. You don't notice the people walking by you because you are so focused on getting everything in order.


If you are too caught up in cramming for your meeting, you won't be relaxed and able to communicate with a clear mind.


You are also missing out on a huge percentage of all the good stuff in your life. You are too busy trying to keep things under control that you forgot to let "WOW" be a part of your every day life. Sure, we all get used to the same things in our life, but when we choose to ignore them instead of taking a little time to enjoy where we are then we are losing the most valuable tool to enjoying our jobs - appreciation of the every day details.

Point B


We've all heard the statement that half the fun is the journey, but what it doesn't say is that you need to stop and soak in the journey. When you are rushing to the next thing you are never taking the time to notice the regular "WOW."


This thought was spurred by a NY Times article. It was written by a doctor who has gotten so used to death that it took a new resident to show him that he had to slow down and let moments sink in. A death may seem significant to most people, but this doctor was becoming accustomed to it. We may not have to deal with this at our jobs, but there are many noteworthy occurrences that happen to each and every one of us that go ignored.


We chose to ignore the beauty in our lives. We do this because we think that we need to stay focused and be so productive that we accomplish all our goals. If we don't then we get mad at our inability to achieve our tasks.


Why so many people are unhappy at work


We never take a look around and appreciate the bang, boom, and crack of the simple. You are one of the luckiest persons in the world, being able to relax and enjoy this article.


The best description of how lucky we are to be here was written by a Zen master. I'm paraphrasing. It went something like this...


The chance of you being born is as likely as a plane flying 10,000 feet over the ocean, the co-pilot throwing a hula hoop out of the plane, which lands in the middle of the vast sea, and having a turtle float to the surface and pop her head up within that hula hoop. You have been given a gift to accomplish great work. It's up to you to enjoy it.


How Lucky We Are


It's up to you to take time to see the wow that's in your life. It could be...


  • A joke from a customer that makes you laugh.
  • A telephone call that brings you a $10,000 contract for you company.
  • A bird chirping outside your home office.
  • Your mother calling you just to check in.


Some days are filled with deadlines and getting to point B, but take the time to notice the regular "WOW" and you'll improve your ability to relax before a stressful event like a big meeting.


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