Why Work Sucks and How to Fix It, Book Review

Why Work Sucks and How to Fix ItLet me list the ways in which I’ve complained about my past jobs:


  • I hate waking up early to come in to work.

  • No freedom.

  • My boss is a micro-manager.

  • I have to take an hour for lunch, even when I only need a half hour.

  • My co-workers never get their work done on time.


The list can go on and on, but I’ll stop my whining right here. Work doesn’t have to suck, and Cali and Jody of “Why Work Sucks and How to Fix it” have proven their success at Best Buy. They understood the most important point to being a successful business: Get things done and whatever else gets in the way should be eliminated. They figured out the best way to create an environment that accomplishes great work and also makes the employees happy was to focus on results and nothing else.


  • No need to attend a meeting (Yes that’s right)

  • No boss waiting for you to arrive late and ready to chew you out

  • No worry about trying to look busy


Just produce and we will appreciate your hard work.


They overcame many difficulties when developing this concept, but it seems to be worth the effort. In their book they describe the hardest part, sludge. Sludge is the snide comments made by bosses and co-workers that undercut the culture of Results Only Work Environment (ROWE).


We’ve all heard those pesky comments by co-workers, “You going home already?” or “It must be nice to be able to take such a long lunch.” In ROWE those comments are outlawed. If you are producing good work that’s all that matters.


When I finished the book I felt like I wanted more. I would have liked to see Best Buy’s sales figures from before ROWE to the book's final draft. It would have also been interesting to see how they could apply the concept to different types of company cultures. Both complaints are small for such a powerful concept.


The ROWE system is based on trust. That’s what I really like, trusting others to do good work. When we allow other people to get their work done at any time of day, wherever they want, and any way that allows them to do a good job, that’s all that matters.


Tomorrow I will post a short interview with Cali and Jody, the authors of the ROWE based work environment. If you aren't subscribed to the Work Happy Now RSS feed then now is the time to join, so you don't miss any more great work happiness tips and ideas.



Check out their blog or buy their book on Amazon.com, I highly recommend managers and business owners to check both out.


Why do you think your company could or couldn't implement the Results Only Work Environment?


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