Personal Development at Work

Being happy at work means growing as an individual. The funny thing is most of us don't equate personal development with our jobs. We see them as separate entities that don't belong together. I believe this couldn't be further from the truth.

The reason why personal development and happiness at work are forever linked together is simple. The better we are at cultivating relationships and productivity, the more we enjoy our jobs.


Artists at Heart

We are all artists at heart. I watched a George Carlin interview over at 43 Folders. He talked about the importance of enjoying the various parts of writing, performing and promoting (marketing). He became successful when he began to understand who he was. In the earlier half to middle half of his career he thought that he should be an actor because everyone else was doing it. He hated it. Success came easier when he stopped trying to be something he wasn't and figured out what really made him happy.

"Happiness is a continuation of happenings which are not resisted."
- Deepak Chopra

By not forcing yourself to work hard (being a big bully) and allowing your desires to pull you like a giant work-happiness magnet to do great work, the pain (stress and worry) will be significantly reduced and success will happen.


Why It Works for Companies

Dwayne J. Clark, CEO of Aegis Living stopped reviewing sales numbers at his annual meeting and created a yearly inspirational meeting. He brought in spiritual, personal development, and relationship speakers (Deepak Chopra and Jack Canfield) to give back to his employees. Popular speakers cost over $80,000 for an hour's time. They did this to show that they were serious about creating an atmosphere that would help people grow.

"From the day he launched Aegis with Bill Gallaher in 1997, Clark pledged to improve employees' lives."
-        Jim Berry of  Inc. Magazine (check out the whole article "Is it an annual meeting? Or an Episode of Oprah?"

Dwayne began to see a significant improvement with his employees. They were more compassionate toward each other. They were also willing to share personal problems with each other. He was able to create a community that supported each other.

The turnover rate at Aegis is 25% to 43% a year, compared to the industry standard of 70% to 120%.

By fostering personal development at your company, you can also promote better teamwork, happier employees, and of course improve the bottom line.


Your Career

When you take the time to develop your emotional intelligence and personal skills, you'll reap the rewards at work. The better you understand your needs, the easier it is to fulfill them.

Next time you are caught in office politics, denied a raise or refused much needed appreciation, try to think of the situation as a chance to grow. Notice how it makes you feel and try to end the negative cycle and give appreciation to people you work with. Believe me, if you enjoy feeling a certain way then chances are they will too. You'll probably notice that by taking the time to improve your happiness, your ability to be compassionate and your overall personal development skills, you will be able to enjoy your job even more.

I put a little resource list that I know you all will enjoy.


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Do you believe in personally improving yourself at your job? How do you bring more love, spirituality, and power into your working day?

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