How Do You Define Success?

Success is difficult to define because it changes on a regular basis. One day I'm happy with the growth of this website then the next I'm scrambling because I saw another blogger's visitor stats and they were way higher than mine.

I shouldn't be comparing myself to anyone, let alone someone who is already an expert in my field. We've all heard that advice, but it doesn't work. We can't stop comparing ourselves to people who are more successful. The important thing is that we find a way to measure success that encourages great work, but doesn't discourage us.

Measuring Success

Let's say I'm looking at my career as a whole. I see a few missed opportunities and my savings account or investments aren't that impressive. I know I can do better. So many of us look back on our careers in this way. We see the lack instead of the abundance.

We might be comparing our accomplishments against our past self, but we need to take it a step further. We need to compare our actions with our personal growth, our accomplishments, and any other factor we can think of. When we limit ourselves to just one or two measuring sticks, we forget to see how much more patient, smarter, and happier we have become.

We need to add extra measuring sticks so we don't get caught up in black and white thinking. That means looking not just at how much money you've made, but personal and spiritual growth that you've earned too.

A List of Measuring Sticks

-        Personal and Intellectual Development
-        Professional and Career
-        Financial Health
-        Relationship and Family
-        Emotional Wellbeing
-        Spiritual Growth
-        Living Environment
-        Physical Health

Every time I read about a celebrity who crashed their car or was pulled over for a DUI, I think about how they struggle just like you and me. Charles Barkley was busted for a DUI. He drank too much and got pulled over within a few blocks of the club where he was boozing it up. We usually see how lucky he is to have money, fame, and career, but his life isn't all peaches and crème.

You need to look at your life as a whole. Maybe you're not that happy in your current career, but don't forget how you struggled in the past. I can say that because we all struggle. We tend to forget how far we've come in so many areas of our lives, and that skews our ability to honestly judge how successful we really are.

Expand your ability to see abundance in many areas of your life. If you aren't working at your dream job then browse around this site and find some ideas to assist you in making a change, but in the mean time don't let this one area of your life destroy your happiness. You must also notice all the great work you've done in other areas.

I discovered a fantastic site called It has a series running about success and how to make it a reality in your career and business. My favorite post so far is titled How to Improve Your Business With the Kaizen System.

How do you measure your success? Do you compare yourself to others or past accomplishments? What is the best tool to stay happy when you feel a part of your life isn't meeting your expectations?


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