Bring Hope Back to Your Company

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Hope seems to have dissipated within many of our companies. We have latched on to the fear and we don't want to let go.

Enough already!

Let's bring the happiness back into the workplace. That means spreading positive news, ideas and conversations with each other. It will take time to build our confidence back up, but we have to start sometime, so it may as well be today.


Blogging for one blog is a lot of fun, but imagine blogging for two blogs that focus on work happiness. It's a blast!

Over at the Chief Happiness Officer's blog,, I've taken over and posted some cool posts. I've posted two posts so far and gotten some mixed feedback. The people have been mostly positive, but a few don't like my ideas. This is actually good. I'm learning a lot from an audience that isn't used to my style.

Check out the two posts on Alex's blog:

  • Your Inner Bully Needs a Hug
  • How to Make Friends at Work


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