Forcing a Smile Can Make You Happy

Forcing a smile can alter your physical momentum. Yoga has taught the method of forced laughter to bring in good feelings. So give it a try. Next time you are in need of a pick-me-up, try slapping a smile on your grumpy face.

Devil is in the Details

The quality of this video isn't up to snuff, but I still like the message of this video so I'm going to post it anyway. My promise to you over these next few weeks is to make improvements, so you can watch without being distracted by my cheap video camera.

It reminds me of a saying: "The devil is in the details." When we keep on making little improvements every single day we find that little devil and exercise it out.

My little devil is finding a better way to deliver video to you. I could be lazy and just say it's good enough, but I believe that's not what working happy now is all about.

I'm trying to make small improvements every day to make my message a little more awesome. Because the more value I deliver, the more you want to keep coming back.

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