A Pimped Out Cubicle

I'm a huge believer in making your space so freaking awesome that it makes you look forward to going to work. I've been scouring Flickr for a picture for the past couple of weeks, trying to find a seriously cool looking cubicle. I finally found it.

You should click on the image so you can see its larger version in all its awesomeness.

The reason I like this image so much is because it shows that...

1. The company is cool with allowing an employee to express his/her true self


2. This person has set up a second home, which means they are sticking around for a while.

The person that took this picture said, "This is where I spend a good portion of my week, so it has to be reasonably comfortable. "

Yes! We need to feel comfortable to do great work.

Thanks Royal Sapien for taking this picture and posting it to Flickr.

One of my favorite business blogs is All Things Workplace by Steve Roesler.

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