How Gary Vaynerchuk Found His Sweet Spot

SxSW was an amazing experience and Gary Vaynerchuk’s passionate talk swept the audience off their feet. His excitement oozed into every corner of that huge room. He talked about getting down and dirty, maintaining happiness and knocking out great work. The audience understood that they needed to get in the trenches and “crush it!”

If some of you don’t know who Gary is, he created Wine Library TV, a wine company in NJ. He was making good money selling wine, but something was missing. He was only 99.9% happy. He wanted to go to that 100% threshold. That little .1% pushed him to start Wine Library TV.

Here is his SxSW keynote presentation:

You can hear my question to Gary in this video at 21:09. (Click here to view the video at Work Happy Now)

I asked why he didn’t settle for 99.9% happy and what motivated him to go for that .1%. As you probably heard from the video, he wanted to be completely happy. That’s the only thing that mattered.

Internal Need

Gary wanted to fulfill an internal need and creating online video was that missing piece. So he pumped out video after video about wine, and with a ton of social hustle he eventually found a following. Gary knew that the average person was baffled by wine. He would taste wine and think, “That tastes like Big League chewing gum. Why isn’t anyone talking about it?” When he began explaining wine from his point of view, people listened.

As his influence grew, Gary also realized he had a knack for public speaking. He launched, which focused on the value of working hard with social media. Of course other people were already doing this, but Gary put his spin on it and he let his personality send the message. His audience grew very fast.

As you watch a Gary video, you can see that he cares and wants you to succeed. He wants so badly for you to thrive that makes you want it more too.

One of my favorite videos is Stop crying, think, wipe your tear and crush it!

(Click here to view the video at Work Happy Now)

Gary was able to find his sweet spot by sticking to his strengths. He wasn’t playing to his strengths if he tried to write blog posts, so there was no point in trying to become a typical blogger. He knew that he could talk up a storm, so he took this energy and applied it to online video.

Personal Trust

He couldn’t have done this without personal trust. He believed in his skills and wouldn’t stop until he was satisfied. I know that I probably would have settled for making millions of dollars a year, growing a business with my family, and being 99.9% happy. Gary didn’t want to settle for anything less than 100%. That’s what makes a person “crush it!” – going that extra bit further to reach goals and move towards happiness.

Gary never stops growing. He wants to own the NY Jets, which pushes him to be the King of the Internet. Hey, if he wants to buy what is maybe a billion dollar franchise, he had better stay creative and work hard. Gary is starting Vayner Media with his brother AJ to help other people reach their business goals. He is also putting out a business book, even though he claims that he  can’t write. (Hmm, I wonder who the ghost writer will be?)

Your 100%

The internet is a beautiful beast because without it I would never have been encouraged by Gary to go for 100% happiness. Right now I’m working on adding a .1% to my happiness every single day. The more that I work on this site and help people work happy, the happier I become. When we try to go for quick happiness, we won’t stay happy. Our foundation won’t support it. It’s best to take small steps and build happiness one day at a time.

What are you doing to add .1% to your work happiness?


We all want to create a life that will make us happy. It's why I started this blog. One of my favorite takes on creating your dream career is Chris Guillebeau's blog. He recently created a manifesto for all of us who aren't afraid to chase the dream - 279 Days to Overnight Success. Worth every minute of your time.

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