What is Your Perfect Work Schedule?

I asked my Twitter followers, “I love working 10-12 hour days with long breaks (30min - 1 hr) every couple of hours. What are your perfect working hours?” Two of my favorite responses were…

AndRam @workhappynow i work 10 to 2 pm. take a long lunch break and then back around 4 or 5 till 8 or 9...1:16 PM May 3rd from twhirl in reply to workhappynow

LilianChisca @workhappynow I use the 60/60/30 Formula I learned from @ebenpagan's Wake Up Productive video trainings.12:29 PM May 3rd from TweetDeck in reply to workhappynow

He went on to explain:

LilianChisca @workhappynow That's two 1 hour focused blocks of time (w/10 min break on the end for each) followed by a 30 min renewal.12:30 PM May 3rd from TweetDeck in reply to workhappynow

We get too caught up in working certain schedules or hours because other people want us to work, rather than doing what is actually best for our productivity.

I know that we can’t escape the boss’s demands, but we can try to make small changes every week until we are closer to our perfect schedule.

So now I ask you…

“What would be your perfect work schedule?”


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