27 Reasons You Are Lucky to Have a Job

There are times when you may not like your job. We’ve all been there.

During these tough times, we need to appreciate what we have. There are a lot of people out of work who wish that they had a job on which focus their energy.

I have a few friends who were laid off and they don’t know what to do with themselves. There are only so many hours each day that you can spend looking for a job.

So if you have a job, then take the time to enjoy what you have.

1. As of July 2009, 9.4% of the people in the USA were unemployed. That means 1 out of every 10 people you meet is looking for work.

2. You are able to pay bills.

3. You don’t rely on government hand outs.

4. The weekends feel amazing.

5. When you are sick, you are paid to stay home.

6. Your last project caused you to stress out, but it challenged you to manage your time more efficiently.

7. Your co-workers make you laugh on a daily basis.

8. Free coffee.

9. Lunch tastes sooooo good because you are taking a much needed break while eating a delicious sandwich.

10. You’ve learned to tolerate commuting traffic by deep breathing at red lights and bumper to bumper traffic.

11. You aren’t bothered by family while using the bathroom.

12. When your computer breaks, you have an IT department to fix it.

13. Insurance is paid for.

14. You have stories to tell your family.

15. You feel proud after a completed project.

16. You’ve learned how to speak to a group of people without letting your anxiety take over.

17. There is always a new challenge that makes you find a solution to the problem.

18. Your co-worker likes to bring donuts into work.

19. You have co-workers who enjoy talking about the nail biter of a game yesterday.

20. Your creativity is appreciated.

21. You’ve learned to manage your time efficiently.

22. Your company sends you to conferences that actually teach you fresh ideas.

23. You’ve learned how to push past your limits.

24. You burn more calories at work because your brain is working a lot harder.

25. Your job helps you appreciate your family.

26. You have a sense of purpose.

27. You use more of your strengths every year.

What else would you add to this list?

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