Netflix Company Culture - Freedom & Responsibility

Netflix believes in creating a culture that supports Freedom and Responsibility. They don't promote to placate or keep people around out of loyalty. They know they have to make people happy and in order to do that they need to challenge and engage their employees.

Seven Aspects of Netflix Culture:

  • Values are what we Value
  • High Performance
  • Freedom & Responsibility
  • Context, not Control
  • Highly Aligned, Loosely Coupled
  • Pay Top of the Market
  • Promotions & Development
I came across this awesome slideshow on Twitter from @pavel_pt. The slideshow explains why each aspect is so important to their success.

(Sorry about the formatting of these next few sentences. This slide has some weird code in it)

People need values to help guide their decisions on both a personal and professional level. Hopefully they are very similar.
Netflix wants the type of people who will pick up a piece of trash and throw it away if they see it on the floor. They don't like people who say, "It's not my job." These values help people understand what is expected of them and how to incorporate these expectations into their work.
What do you think? How might values such as these improve or hurt your company?

Check out the Happy at Work Project and see how your views align with you company's views. The closer your values align with the company's, the more enjoyable it is to work with them.


Stephen of the Rat Race Trap talks about work and personal development on his site. It's a must-read for someone seeking something better in their life.

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