How to be More Creative

More creative-210x300Creativity is at the top of my short list of “must-haves”  to have a fulfilling career. If you can’t be creative at your job, then it’s hard to have fun.

Creativity can come in many forms:

- Conversations with co-workers
- Marketing Plan
- Problem solving
- Customer relations
- Accounting Management

There is creativity in everything we do, but we often don’t have fun with it. I’ve been thinking about this problem a lot lately.

The reason I found the solution was because of Marelisa Fabrega’s ebook “How to be More Creative: A Handbook for Alchemists.” I couldn’t put it all together until after reading it.

Creativity isn’t in a Ebook

This may sound like an anti-endorsement for Marelisa’s book, but it’s not. Just give me a chance to explain.

In my younger days, I would come up with a really cool idea about once a week. I would work on the project really hard for a few weeks and then give up. I pushed so hard to be creative that I wore myself out.

As I watched myself repeat this process many times, I realized that I had fallen into the worst creative trap of them all: applying the same old solutions to a multitude of problems.

About halfway through “A Handbook for Alchemists” I begin to feel overwhelmed by the barrage of ways to be creative. (This is a good thing). I feel confident that I can pick it up a year from now when I feel stuck on a certain project and I’ll be able to find a random creativity technique to help me.

I’ve been working on this concept for the past couple of weeks. I’m calling it the “chain of creativity.” When I reach a point that frustrates me, I stop trying to find a solution. What I try to do instead is bring myself back to the moment. I consider how lucky I am to be creating something new. Then I try to take a sidestep to see a fresh angle.

That’s why this book is perfect for me. It gives me ideas to find new angles when my emotions are out of whack.

For example, when I’m writing a blog post and I can’t get my thoughts to align with my writing, I step away and try to think of myself as a different person, such as Abraham Lincoln. I try to channel his way of thinking. I pretend that I’m in a room full of lawyers explaining my idea.

My frustration oozes away because I stop focusing on a solution. I unleash my creativity and I begin to enjoy the process.

Frustration Dissipated

Once my frustration dissipates, I can usually get back on track. I never thought to pick up a book of this kind and try these various techniques.

Now I can go to “A Handbook for Alchemists,” And it offers me so many creative ideas that frustration doesn’t have to take over.

And I don’t need to keep trying the same ideas over and over.

Why You Should Buy It

If you are anything like me, creativity and frustration are often linked together. You have an idea in mind and you want to achieve it, but the solution doesn’t come easily. Frustration can then quickly turn into anger.

I am now using this ebook to keep me relaxed. Just yesterday, I was stuck trying to create a workbook for my eShort. I couldn’t think of a way for the reader to create his own meditation without feeling frustrated.

I scrolled through A Handbook for Alchemists and found a section about redesigning a grocery shopping cart. How does someone redesign something so basic and anchored into our memories since we’ve been 2 years old? The concept in Marelisa’s book was that every idea must be built upon. No idea is bad. That was where I was making my mistake.

All the other solutions I had come up with for the meditation weren’t quite right. As I looked back over my previous ideas, I realized that my second idea was on the right track. I just needed to flush it out a little more.

Worth Your Time

Marelisa’s ebook is worth your time, especially if you are in a creative field. It will help you find fresh angles on old problems. It will also help you recharge those creative juices.

This is not a motivational book. You must have a passion for a problem. If you do, this book will be a great resource to help find a creative solution to an existing problem.

Go ahead and order it now before you lose any more creativity time. This is not an affiliate link. The book is worth telling you about.

Work happiness is another way to tap into your creativity, so start your Happy at Work Project today. With Marelisa's book and my PDF you'll have creativity pouring out of your brain.


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