Stop Swimming Against the Tide and Meet Your Career Needs

tide-whnDo you ever feel like you are swimming against the tide?

For the past few months I’ve been in transition. I didn’t know it, but the transition had really begun a while back.

I had been receiving great advice, but from the wrong perspective.

You may be in a similar position. Your best friend, mom or therapist sees the world from their perspective. They try their best to jump into your shoes, but they don’t quite fit.

I’ve decided to stop taking most of my friend’s advice and swim with my internal tide.

Small Changes

You may have noticed some of the small changes that I have been making. These changes will multiply as the months go by.

I’m aligning my energy with my flow. That cryptic mumbo jumbo means that I’m aligning my present needs with my goals (AKA swimming with the tide).

It’s surprising how hard it is to do this. We don’t listen to our hearts. We try to reason our way to success. This is the worst tactic you can take.

You’ve probably had a job that looked good on paper, but in reality you hated it. You either stuck it out (swimming against the tide) or found a better fit.

You can’t fake passion, just like you can’t fake skill. You either have it, practice at it (hopefully you develop it) or you do something else.

My questions to you are:

> Are you swimming against the tide?

> Are you meeting your own needs in your career?

> Are you passionate about your work?

Next week I’ll talk about passion because that’s the foundation of an amazing career. If you can’t master your core then you will always be swimming against the tide. It’s time to take control of which projects you put your sweat, thoughts, and skills into.

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* Mark Silver wrote a brilliant piece about throwing your work out there, so you can start making money and not waiting until it's perfect - Making a Living, Making Peace with 70 Percent. Not all of us can come right out of the box and do amazing work, we have to build our foundation and improve as we go along.

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