My Arch Nemesis Dr. Oatzel Almost Stole My Superpowers

As I improve my business I realize that I have a lot of fear.

Fear of people hating my stuff.

Fear of people laughing at my ideas.

Fear of not earning enough money.

Fear of not giving enough value.

As I work on hugging my fears, learning from them, then releasing them I become more powerful.

The fears at one time felt so intense and abstract at the same time. I felt like I couldn’t destroy such epic emotions.

They were my kryptonite. Can you hear the bells of awakening go off? Well, I did.

Using Metaphors

Once I used the metaphor “kryptonite” to describe my fears, they stopped being so intense. I learned this lesson from Havi and she learned it from Suzette. When even Superman fears something it kind of feels ok to be afraid. When it feels ok to be afraid, it’s easier to face the fear.

Back to the story.

Dr. Oatzel (my arch nemesis) sent one of his goons to attack me in an email. This goon attacked my teleseminar, saying it wasn’t good enough, and I freaked out. I wondered why I had worked so hard and still failed. My kryptonite was wreaking havoc on my ability to think clearly. I shook my fist in the air like all good superheroes do and vowed vengeance.

So I changed into my tights and cape and then…

Can you picture me in tights and a cape? Neither can I, so I decided my outfit would be a dark red t-shirt and jeans. Hey, it’s my story so I can be any kind of superhero I want to be.

Dealing with My Arch Nemesis Goons

I wrote a scathing email to the goon, but never emailed it. I couldn’t do it. One of my superpowers that I’ve been cultivating for the past couple of years is compassion. This was just an opportunity to practice this superpower. See what I did? I turned a tough situation into a chance to learn. It’s much easier to learn from a situation when I think of it as a chance to practice using my superpowers.

As I let the hurt sink in I decided to put myself in her position. I looked over my material and began to think that if she was a big fan of my work she may have already heard and even tried all the lessons in my seminar. I deleted my 1st email and rewrote another email, apologizing for my miscalculation. She replied back in a much nicer tone than her goonish 1st one. She was grateful that I acknowledged her perspective.

I may have even turned this person back over to the good side.

Lesson Learned

She also taught me that I needed to do a better job of marketing my products, so that people know what they are getting. I’m rebranding the product Work Happiness 101. People need to know that it’s about building your foundation at work and improving your core which will build confidence to do work you love.

Practicing my superpower of compassion tested my limits because I wanted so badly to defend my position and destroy the goon, but that wouldn’t have helped me or her in the long run.

Because my arch nemesis Dr. Oatzel was out to destroy me, I had to rely on my superpowers. Without this challenge I wouldn’t have been able to improve my superpowers.

Who is your arch nemesis?

What superpower does She/He force you to improve?

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