How to Discover Your Career Bliss

If you can’t connect to the work that you are doing, either it doesn’t fit with your needs or you aren’t trying. Some people have an aptitude for math, writing, history, science, computers, etc. They gravitate toward these things because they vibrate their soul.

I know I may be losing some of you here because of this “new age” vibrational talk, but that’s ok. I know I can’t win all of you over with each post. A lot of you really need this information, so I’ll continue.

You have deep needs that need to be recognized or you will never be happy at work. This is why I talk about the importance of reflection. It’s important to sit back and let the mind go to see how your career is humming along. I’ve known a lot of people who didn’t take the time in their twenties and thirties to really listen to how they felt and adjust their careers accordingly, and now they are paying for it in their careers.

I’ve also talked about the importance of being content with yourself before you can be happy with your work. I’ve been developing my work happiness for so long that I would even could be content cleaning a high school. It’s honest and useful work and I know that I could connect with the daily routine, but I also know that it wouldn’t vibrate with my soul’s needs.

Companies should be doing career coaching to help their employees (and themselves) achieve the best work possible. Employees would actually stay longer and feel more appreciated, while the company would learn more about each person’s superpowers and needs. I know building a business takes time, but it would be worth it in the long run. There is too much short sightedness going on in the corporate world. People expect great work from their staff, but they won’t give them the tools to actually do it.

You can’t rely on anyone else to help you find your career bliss, you have to find a way to meet your true needs.

Making the connection

I have struggled at every job I’ve ever had. No secret.

I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere with my career. I tried marketing, mushroom mongering, practicing a trade, teaching, trying to be a handyman, working in retail, and a few others. I also visualized myself doing 100 other jobs, from masseuse to novelist to copywriter to Yoga instructor. I pictured myself doing different jobs and some resonated with me but none of them felt quite right.

I wanted something challenging, interesting, and interactive. I looked at what I had struggled with the most is my career.

I had done a lot of personal development work, ran a lot of teams in the workplace, and was afraid of public speaking, but loved it.

Finally, after many nights of reflecting on my passions and strengths a plan began to form. I knew what direction I should take my career in.

I needed to help people who have struggled like I had. I wanted to alleviate the fear that other people had about doing something that they truly loved. It's this love that changes the world. Where would we be without people who have felt this deep need to ignore all the naysayers and create something so unique and helpful that the world is changed forever?

This realization only came together after many conversations with my wife, friends, family, strangers on planes, and myself. Yes, I talk to myself. Sometimes I do it silently (meditation) and other times I do it out loud when I’m walking my dog.

I’m not the local town crazy man, whispering to myself and sipping on a brown bagged beer. I make sure that I do it when no one is around. 🙂

It took hours, weeks, months, and years of work to discover how I can be most useful to this world. I’m still learning and growing, discovering my superpowers.

How do you connect with your vibrating soul?

The real question is figuring what work matches your soul’s vibration. You have to match your strengths with your passions and focus in order to understand your superpowers.

People make the mistake of just using their strengths and they end up feeling empty.

You must be aware of what is in your mind and heart.

I want you to begin by listing 5 of your strengths. Make sure to make each strength a verb. You want it to be an action that you can repeat in various work situations.

My strengths are:

> Writing

> Relationship building

> Analyzing

> Developing new ideas

> Creating solutions to problems

Now list 5 actions you are passionate about. Make sure these are also verbs that you can put into action.

My passions are:

> Speaking to an audience

> Drawing

> Story telling

> Laughing

> Walking in nature

How can you use most of these 5 strengths and 5 passions in a career?

I knew that I couldn’t get all of my strengths and passions into one career, but I wanted to get as many of them as I could.

I choose a career in which I could speak, analyze and be creative. I looked at my background and saw a huge weakness in the world that I could fill.

I could help the 50% of people who hate what they did to earn a living. I could help them use their superpowers to make a difference and love what they do to earn an living. I didn’t really know that I was so passionate about work happiness, but I tried it out. I created a blog and started writing about business, stress, relationships (interpersonal and intrapersonal), productivity, and other work related topics.

After a year I knew that I had found my niche. That’s the best takeaway that I can offer. Try whatever you feel you would love to do as a career on the side. Do you find that researching environmental articles makes you happy? If so, you may be on to something good. If not, you know that this topic/work doesn’t resonate with your soul. Then pick something else and begin to research this topic. The more you dive into what you think will make you happy the better you’ll understand yourself and how it's possible that you can love what you do to earn a living.

What about you?

Have you found your career niche?

Maybe you are ready for your next career. What are you doing to work toward this new career?

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* Naomi's post over at Ittybiz talks about the importance of working your butt off to get to where you want to be. She doesn't put it as nice as that, but never the less a great message.

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