You Need Mind Numbing Work

computer-task-whnHave you ever enjoyed mind numbing work?

You need work that’s not going to weigh down your brain. A heavy brain gets tired. On the other hand, a slightly distracted brain is a light brain that can work on other problems.

Personal story

I was recently working on gathering all my receipts and entering them into my accounting software. As I was entering, I had the quick thought that I hated doing this stuff. I put on some Mozart to ease my mood.

My thoughts relaxed and I stopped worrying about the other things that I could be doing. I entered the numbers and accessed my subconscious. I was working in the moment and my brain found a solution to a problem that I had been struggling with before.

I used to hate mind numbing work until I began to see the importance of doing a little bit each day. It opens an access pipeline that allows me to find solutions to problems that I barely knew existed. I thought that once I came to this realization, I would have my hatred of mind-numbing work under control. Nope.

The negative thoughts kept coming until I exposed my weakness for what it was – excuses for not wanting to try too hard because I was afraid of failure. If I procrastinated on doing my work then I didn’t have to face my possible lack of success. Once I knew what was wrong, I could find the solution. It has taken some practice, but the mind numbing work has become a vital part of my happiness.

Shower Technique

Have you ever had a brilliant idea in the shower?

It’s because your mind is relaxed and a little distracted.

See, the problem is that when you focus so hard on a solution, your mind gets filled with anxiety and it clouds up.

Your mind needs numbing work so that the clouds don’t roll in and take over.

1. What is your best mind numbing work?

I thought that I could do some mind numbing work and let my brain relax. I started writing emails to potential clients. They were all very similar with a few tweaks.

I ended up sending out one email with the wrong name at the top. I didn’t even notice my mistake until the person emailed me back pointing this out to me. I learned to do a quick review of my mind numbing work before I turned it over to someone else.

Your mind numbing work must distract you, but not be so intensive that it takes all of your focus. Repetitive work is often the best type of work that lets your mind zone out, but still allows you to do your task.

2. When is the best time to do this mind numbing work?

You also have to know your hot spots. If you know when you do your best work, you shouldn’t be doing mind numbing work during this time. You can do the mind numbing work when your energy is lower and your mind isn’t in top form.

I like to do mind numbing work early and late in the day. I’ll do my thought intensive work between 10 – 3.

I never come up with any brilliant ideas during this time. My 10 – 3 hot spot is my time to work on those brilliant ideas to make them come to life.

3. How can you make time to do a little mind numbing work every single day?

People will tell you that you should only do work that plays to your strengths.


If all you did was work that was intensive and built around your strengths you would be exhausted. Mind numbing work can actually be relaxing.

Some of my favorite mind numbing tasks:

> Organizing my files

> Reviewing finances

> Finding a cool quote for Twitter and Facebook

> Making a “To Do” List for a upcoming project

> Reviewing my outstanding invoices

> Uploading files to my website

> Backing up old data so I don’t lose it

This is the type of work that allows me to think. These tasks keep me involved in my work, but they don’t take up every ounce of my energy, which allows me to think creatively.

Your Turn

Your showering, your teeth brushing, and your organizing allow you to be in the work physically without having to mentally be there. That’s something you can’t give up.

You know the value of letting your brain relax so that it can come up with those cool ideas. So take advantage of that mind numbing work.

See that mind numbing work as an opportunity to relax your thoughts.

It has done wonders for my productivity.

How about you?

What type of things do you do to relax your brain?

How do you find a way to make these things a habit?

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