Living Your Superpowers Manifesto

Today: There is someone out there who needs you. They expect you to help them with their problems. Their pain is great. They sit at their computer, staring at their screen, worried what to do next. They step away from their work wishing that they had you in their life. You have powers to change peoples’ lives.

Why Are You Holding Yourself Back?

There are things holding you back from reaching those levels that you know you can reach. It may be fear. It may be money. It may be an inability to connect with your work. The main thing holding you back is in you. The unlock switch is there, but needs to be found. That’s why you need to relax, observe, ...

How to Deal with a Failed Project

A failed project can punch the motivation out of the most resilient person. The greatest people have to go through failure. Seth Godin, the marketing master, loves writing about his failures. To get to where you want to go you need to fail. You have to do it bigger and bigger each time. You know this is a part of ...

Why is the Game Angry Birds so Popular?

There are too many iPhone apps to keep track of. There are over 300,000 apps available on iTunes. When you include all the other smart phone apps available it’s head spinning. One of the most popular apps is the game Angry Birds. It’s #1 in many countries.