How to Unlock Brilliant Solutions

EinsteinThere is a reason that Einstein came up with his theory of relativity. He had time to let his mind wander. Well that and he was a genius of rare ability. When he was in school his mind kept dancing around these ideas, but never landed. They never had a chance to sink in until he was working an easy job at a Swiss patent office. When he was able to do easy work he could let his thoughts meander in all different directions. Einstein’s greatest mental strength was his ability to visualize experiments within his own mind. He did this to test out his theories before he spent too much time on seeing if they were worthy of figuring out mathematically.

We all have worries about our career and relationships, but it’s these worries that hold you back from explosive creativity. They hold you back because you don’t have time to let your subconscious relax. You are consumed with staying on top of the details that you forget to allow you mind to wander free.

Stuck Between a Rock and a Box

I was working with my father a few years ago, an electrical contractor, on a job that was frustrating me. We needed to put a box inside a stone wall. The hole was cut by the stone cutter earlier in the week and when I arrived on a Saturday I found out the box was too big for the whole. I grabbed my hammer and chisel and lightly tapped on the rock I noticed how hard the composite of the stone was.

The plumber walked by and told me to be careful because the rock will chip away in large chunks. I’m not sure if this was true or not, but I wasn’t going to find out. I went to go see if my father had any ideas. He was busy himself and told me to figure it out.

I must of stared at the rock for twenty minutes trying to figure out a way to chip the rock away so my box would fit. I thought about drilling holes then chipping out the piece that I needed to remove, but it scared me. I was trapped. I could have waited for my father, but I really wanted to show him that I could do this on my own.

I went to the truck to take my mind off the problem and I noticed a trail of ants along the walk way. I bent down to see what type they were. Black ants and hundreds of them, slowly gathering food to bring back to the queen.

That’s when it hit me. I should stop worrying about the rock and focus on the box.  I hack- sawed the brackets off the sides and checked to see if it would fit. Nope. I banged on the metal box with my hammer and walla! It worked. My box was in the wall.

New Angles, New Solutions

My point of the story is looking at the problem from the easiest angle is not always obvious. Sometimes that means pulling yourself out of the problem and giving your brain a rest. When I discovered the ants it triggered a solution that was probably there, but unable to release because I was so focused on chipping away at the rock.

I let my conscious mind relax so my subconscious could release its solution. You can do this too. You have to find what relaxes your mind, so you can tap into the parts of your brain that might have a resolution.

Here are 7 ways that I like to relax my conscious mind:

  1. Bike Ride – The wind in my hair and pumping on the peddles just relaxes me.
  2. Ants – Watch some ants do their thing to distract you from the problem.
  3. Shower – A nice hot shower loosens my muscles and mind.
  4. Walk – A walk with the dog forces me to enjoy the moment.
  5. Car Ride – I know it’s not good for the environment, but loud music and the windows down helps me forget my worries
  6. Coffee Shop – Sometimes working at home gets too quite, so I need to work outside the home. The local coffee shop has free Wi-Fi. The people talking, ordering and making other noises keeps me distracted enough that I can release my subconscious.
  7. Game – A game on your phone is always an easy solution to getting out of the usual thought process.

Leisure breaks can unlock almost any difficult problem.

What do you do to slow down and let your subconscious mind help you solve some of your problems?

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