Mistakes Do Happen and How to Deal with Them

Delete "MISTAKE"

I make mistakes.

You make mistakes.

We can’t avoid them.

But we can be open to them, learn from them and use them to create deeper connections.

My Mistake

I recently made a big mistake. I tried to be something I wasn’t. I wanted to let people know that if they weren’t engaged with my content then they should unsubscribe from my email list.

My email list costs me money, not a lot, but enough to consider reducing the cost. I thought if I could eliminate the people who didn’t want to hear from me any longer that I could reduce my monthly email cost.

I sent out an email to people on my list who haven’t opened my email in over 6 months asking them to either open the email or never hear from me again.

I’m not proud of this.

After many emails from fans of Work Happy Now came in explaining why they weren’t engaged recently or that they had been opening my emails, I realized I made a mistake. Gmail doesn’t consider email opened until you click on the download link. People were opening up my mail, but just not clicking the download link, which is common. I do the same thing.

There are probably other email providers that have the same system.

Most replyers were kind, telling me that they wanted to continue to receive my emails. This made me feel worse.

I wasn’t expecting this type of response. I thought if they hadn’t opened an email in over 6 months that they probably wouldn’t open this email up.

They were still listening.

Then I realized something.

Work Happy Now isn’t about money, it’s about building connections and helping each other.


I strayed from my purpose with this blog.

To be helpful and affect as many lives as I can.

I apologize.

It won’t happen again. I can’t promise that, but I’ll do my best to reduce these type of mistakes.

Thank you for being so kind to my inappropriate email.

I truly appreciate all your support.


We all make mistakes, but it’s understanding why and using them to help us grow.

Next time you make a mistake think about why it occurred. Were you not listening to what you truly wanted to convey?

If so it’s important to wait and think is this what I want to do or should I say this differently.

Your Turn

What mistake have you made recently that you learned from?

* Courtesy of TerranceDC

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