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21 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Every Monday

It’s not the answers that you receive that bring you happiness; it’s the questions that you ask.

The question must come before the answer.

If you are looking for the answers on how to enjoy a tough project, they won’t come. You are searching for the end point when it’s the journey that will help you find the joy.

For example, if you go into work every Monday morning wondering why you aren’t happy, then you will focus on why you aren’t happy.

If you go into work with a question such as, “how can I improve my happiness?” You are focusing your mind on finding a positive answer.

Here are some of the questions I ask myself every Monday…

1. What is one thing I can enjoy about each person that I come into contact with today?
2. What is the most important thing I need to do today?
3. What am I grateful for?
4. How can I make someone laugh?
5. Where can I optimize my strengths?
6. When my motivation dips, how can I stimulate myself to take action?
7. Who needs my help today?
8. What three people do I need to support to improve my work relationships?
9. Who can teach me a valuable skill to improve my job?
10. Am I being my true self at work?
11. What is one task or routine that I can eliminate?
12. What is the best part of my job?
13. Why am I good at my job?
14. What would be my ultimate job? And am I building towards it?
15. Who is my role model at work?
16. What can I do to become more engaged with my work?
17. What matters most to me at my job?
18. How can I lead the people around me to improve their happiness?
19. When I’m stressed out, how do I cope with these feelings?
20. Why do I assume I know what my coworkers are thinking?
21. How can I make my work more fulfilling?

Set yourself with the right questions and you’ll find happiness comes so much easier.

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