21 Reasons a Smart Small Business Coach is Worth the Money

sports-coach-whnA few of my friends asked me if a small business coach is worth the money. They knew my answer would be a resounding yes, but wanted to rile me up a little bit. Hey, what are friends for?

I began to talk about all the successes that I have had with coaching clients. I could see their eyes begin to glaze over.

It’s like reading people’s testimonials. Of course they are going to put the best ones up on their website. You don’t get to read about the failures.

I’ve had plenty of failures. It comes with the territory. I can’t help everyone; that would mean I was superman. I have superpowers, but I can’t fly faster than a speeding bullet.

My Latest Failure

An artiest signed up for 4 sessions with me. He is a really talented guy. He can use concepts in ways that brings out the beauty in the most mundane objects.

We were trying to work together to clarify his brand. I felt his resistance from the start, but I thought that if we could keep digging we would get there.

We couldn’t break through. I tried everything and we weren’t heading in the right direction.

After the 4th session I suggested that he hire a branding expert. He wanted to hire me for 4 more sessions, but I knew it wouldn’t be right. I felt like we were talking in circles. I wasn’t helping him.

For Every Failure There will be Victories

A business coach must put himself out there to fail. If he isn’t then he isn’t putting himself out there and taking risks he isn’t trying hard enough. There is that fine line of pushing just hard enough to get results, but not pushing too hard that the client gets scared.

A good small business coach will push you outside of your comfort zone, so you can grow. If you don’t feel a little uncomfortable then you aren’t developing new habits that will help you become happier, more productive and successful.

Success Stories

I could give you a whole bunch of success stories. In fact here are some of the testimonials. I don’t push these that hard. I know that they don’t tell the whole story.

You aren’t going to hire me based on these testimonials. You’ll hire me because I coached a friend through a tough transition in his business and he told you about how awesome I am. You’ll also hire me because you got to know me through this blog and other social media, you like my style and you believe that I can help you. Because you believe in me, you are willing to push outside your comfort zone to grow.

Those are really the top two reasons I’ve ever been hired.

My Experience with Coaches

I’ve worked with some amazing coaches. Each one helped me get a little closer to my superpowers. They knew how to ask the right questions in order to help me understand my purpose.

Katie of the Levity Project helped me understand how to separate myself from the crowd. She is the one who forced me to figure out my brand. We didn’t solve it over the phone, but she opened the door for me to walk through.

Once I was through, I understood that I needed to help people leverage their superpowers in their businesses. It felt like an “aha” moment, but really it came from me asking for help and expecting to find it. I might have been able to reach the same place without Katie, but she fast forwarded my progress.

She saved me months of time trying to discover the direction I needed to go in. That’s when I really knew I wanted to be a small business coach. I wanted to help people fast forward their progress.

What You Need

Your needs are different from everyone else you know. They are similar, but different. You need to find the right type of coach to fit your unique personality.

Some people need a cheerleader, some people need a task master, and some people need someone to bounce ideas off of.

You have to know what you want to accomplish, otherwise you won’t be successful with your coach.

Now that my story is done, here are the 21 reasons to hire a business coach:

1. You want to go from a functional business person to an optimal business person.

2. Your work is running you.

3. You feel stuck and don’t know what direction to take.

4. You hate your day job and want to do something you are passionate about.

5. Procrastination is your number 1 arch nemesis.

6. You aren’t sure why your business isn’t taking off.

7. The stress is slowly killing you.

8. You’ve stopped having fun with your work.

9. You are ready to take your business to the next level.

10. Your clients drain your energy.

11. You can’t stay focused on the work that you love to do.

12. You need a better understanding of how to leverage your superpowers.

13. You know social media is a big part of business, but you don’t know how to use it.

14. You’re scared of making the leap into entrepreneurship.

15. You don’t know how to develop a network that supports your business.

16. You can do the work, but none of it is coming your way.

17. The people you hired don’t care about the business.

18. You’re not sure if you should sell your business.

19. The people you want to work with are too busy.

20. Even when you have a hugely successful week you still don’t feel successful.

21. You need to develop better habits, so you can do work that you are passionate about.

You don’t need a business coach, but it does make life so much easier. I’m so thankful for the coaches in my life. They’ve pushed me to a new level.

There are probably 21 reasons not to hire a coach.

The number one reason is that you aren’t passionate about anything. There isn’t a group of people you want to help solve a problem. Then you should keep your money.

If you need some guidance then please hire someone. Pay the money and watch the magic. That is if they are a good fit for you. I don’t care if you hire me or not because that’s how much I believe in hiring a smart and empathetic coach. I do emphasis smart and empathetic coach. There are some people out there that aren’t a good fit for you. Ask around see who your friends are using, see who you connect with through their social media presence, and always test the waters first a good coach will over you a free consultation to see if you are a good fit for each other.

Final note: If you aren’t satisfied with the coaching call the person should have a refund policy. If they don’t that’s a sign that they might not be a good fit for you.

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* Chris Garrett wrote an awesome piece about stepping outside your blog and reaching out to new people.

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