5 Business Building Rules to Live By

group-whnDo you wish you had a larger network of friends to find more business or a new job?

People often want easy relationships. They want easy and all they get are acquaintances.

We want instant respect from other people without putting in the effort to earn it. You’ve probably seen this on the car lot or in a department store. The sales person comes on bull force expecting you to accept every point that they make.

They don’t even ask one single question.

“How can I help you?”

Simple, but isn’t done often enough

The reason Liz Strauss, Guy Kawasaki, and Darren Rowse are so popular. They help and help and help until people can’t resist, but sing their praises.

Building Friendships

Good relationships with customers take time to build. Building a relationship with a co-worker takes 10 times longer.

It’s important to know what a person likes and doesn’t like if you expect to create a connection worthy of calling it a relationship. The only way to do this is to ask the person questions.

Next time you are trying to build a relationship with a co-worker or customer, ask them what their goals are, ask them about their family, and ask them about their hobbies. Let the other person talk.

Know Their Likes and Dislikes

Allow that person to share their likes and dislikes.

You’ll gather more information to build a friendship in one hour than most people ever try to get out of another person in a month.

This information will help you build friendships that will last. When you know what makes other people happy, they will want to be around you and help you succeed. Once you know their needs, joys, and hot spots (not that kind of hot spot!) you can help them.

And helping them encourages them to want to help you.

Business is that easy. Really. Just no one wants to put in the effort.

Here are 5 Business Building Rules I live by:

1. Know what people need by asking questions.

2. Develop your superpowers every day because people will need your skills.

3. Help them understand their needs.

4. Help them when they are in pain.

5. Don’t expect anything in return.

I know the last one is hard. We are inherently selfish, but if you can help without expecting anything back these people will sing your praises. They will refer you to all their friends and family.

How about you?

What do you do to build your friendships?

How do you help people become more successful?

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