7 Ways to Bring More Positivity to Your Career

positivity-whnSome days, work just drain you of energy. It’s hard to talk to a co-worker, client, and customer while maintaining an upbeat attitude.

It’s easy to focus on the negative. It’s that little devil on your shoulder that likes chewing your ear off until you can’t take anymore and you just give in.

You know this doesn’t help you feel any happier, and it sure as heck doesn’t make you more productive. So let’s do something about it.

1. Look for learning experiences

Each day has quite a few hidden gems, even when you are working on those projects that wear you out. Look for little moments that can teach you a lesson. For example, you can examine how you deal with your anger at a failed project. How quickly can you process your feelings and get back into a good work rhythm?

2. Feel the frustration and know that it’s only temporary

Your frustration can feel overwhelming. You probably have some days when you want to rage, quit, and never come back. Appreciate that you can feel such passion and know that it’s only a temporary state. When you know that it won’t last, it becomes more interesting and less gripping.

3. Fill in the gaps with positive conversations

Many of us work with negative people. Sometimes we are the negative person. We try not to be negative, but we all have moments of weakness. Try to find positive people when you are feeling negative. Let them steer the conversation. Just go along for the ride and let them bring you back up.

4. Take a mindful walk

Getting away from a situation can be a great way to press the restart button. I like to do this by taking a walk. A walk around the building or just a walk to the bathroom helps me release the pain. When I’m back at my desk, the positive energy flows back in and I’m ready to go.

5. Develop self talk that supports your choices

The words that you choose have a big impact on how you feel. If you use negative words, you’ll continue the negative feelings. So try encouraging yourself by thinking of the positives that you’ve been able to create from your work. When the negative thoughts start coming back in, just remind yourself that this is natural, but today you want to be positive and upbeat. Then find another positive to focus on. Do this again and again and again. After a few weeks you’ll notice that you are training your brain to extract a more positive angle from your work.

6. Work on projects that stimulate you

You probably do work sometimes that doesn’t resonate with you. We all have to do tedious work, but not all the time. Make time for exciting work. Between tasks, do work that will get your heart pumping a tad faster. This work will pump in the happier thoughts.

7. Listen to an upbeat song

I’m a big fan of music. It can even make me feel good when I had trouble sleeping and when I’m doing difficult work. Lately I’ve been listening to Everybody's Gotta Live by Love. I dance in my chair for 3 minutes and then jump into my next task with fervor and a hop in my computer mouse.

Apply these today

When you can see your experiences as a way to build your happiness, you will create a more positive outlook at work. Try one of these techniques for a couple of weeks and see how much more positive you feel at work. Hey, it’s got the Work Happy Guy’s stamp of approval.

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