A Brand New Theme for Work Happy Now

It’s here. A glorious new theme for Work Happy Now. (If you are reading this in a blog reader than click here to check it out.) It’s all about baby steps. This baby of a blog has just taken its first step, taking off the training wheels if you will permit me to use a cliché phrase. It’s ready to become a big boy and sit on the potty and do great work all by himself.

A gross visual that helps you see where I’m taking this blog. To the next level. I’m all about the Seth Godin drip effect. Slowly and surely I’m encouraging all of you to love a little Work Happy Now every single day. Giving so many brilliant ideas that you’ll keep coming back.

My main focus will always be the content. Content is King. The thing is that we all know people judge a book by its cover. It’s why the iPod and iPhone are such grand hits. All I’m doing is giving you one more compelling reason to subscribe to my RSS feed.

The design of any product is important to sending the right message to the consumer. They want to know that they can trust the source to keep delivering what it promises.

My Design Inspirations

I borrowed design ideas from:

(Whoever is the first to guess which one I believe I borrowed from the most will get a book, “The Word of Mouth Manual,” $45 on Amazon. The only way you and me are going to get to the next level is by learning from successful people before us. Each name is linked to one of my favorite articles, so take a few minutes to read one or all of them.

I tried to take out the clutter to give an easier reading experience. My goal is to keep this design simple and enjoyable to read. That’s why I put most of the links in the footer. I hated to see the sidebar all cluttered up, so just go to the footer when you looking for more articles to help you to become happier at your job.

Constant Improvement

As the months go on I’ll try to add even more helpful items to bring you more ideas on productivity, career and business tips, knowing yourself, and improving co-worker relationships that make us all happier and consequently bring in more personal satisfaction for all our efforts.

This blog is an ongoing process that delights, frustrates, and makes me dance. My interview with Steve Pavlina was a dream come true. I was dancing on my ceiling after I finished the interview. By having this blog and working my butt off to grow my readership I’ve opened doors to meeting and interacting with amazing people.

What more could a blogger ask for?

Money. I know I would like to start making money from this blog, but all in due time.









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