Jeez! Baby Steps! BABY STEPS!

baby-steps-croppedSometimes I feel like I need to scream at myself. I’ve always been tough on myself and it’s a big reason I started Work Happy Now back in 2008. I wanted to research and test out ideas that helped me become happier and more productive.

I know getting mad at myself doesn’t solve anything. It’s just such an ingrained habit that’s hard to break.Every now and again it sneaks back in. Then I take a deep breath and tell myself it’s up to me to create more positive habits.

So I’ve been taking more time to apply Active Relaxation to my workday. I also tell my clients don’t compare yourself to others, take baby steps and enjoy the process. I haven’t been doing any of these things. I’ve been beating myself up by letting my arch nemesis dictate my happiness.

I’ve been working on a course called Brain Recharge. It’s a comprehensive course that walks people through the process of increasing their energy, lowering their stress levels and improving their productivity. As I’m putting it together I realize that I’m trying to put this huge course together and I’m not taking baby steps.

The only way to get to point B is to do one thing at a time.

So I asked friends, meditated on the idea and listed countless ways to create this course. I was still lost.

Your Help

Instead of tackling this problem all by myself I asked for help from you. I asked you if you would rather me create one big course and charge $49 or charge $5.99 per section. I actually decided on selling the first module for only $4.99.

53% of you said you wanted individual sections. 47% of you said you wanted the whole package all at once.

You were as torn as I was, but it helped me realize one thing.

I needed to create individual courses à la carte and one big course for people who wanted all 12 modules.

I've decided to release one section at a time over the next few months.

Thank You

I'm so grateful for all your help and feedback. I couldn't do this without you.

The first module is called Active Relaxation. It teaches people how to turn their mind into a friend that supports and encourages their career, allowing them to bring more energy to workday.

If you don’t have the right mindset no amount of coffee will matter. That's what the first lesson is all about, learning how to work with your mind so you can stay emotionally balanced, happy and energized.

I learned a valuable lesson in all this. Keep a work journal. It's vital to career and personal growth. Because I decided to take a break and do a little reflection in my journal I spurred myself to reach out and ask for help from you.

You need to take the time to step back and see where you need to steer your career. Otherwise you don’t have any control.

Your Turn

How do you check in with yourself to make sure your career brings you daily joy and a sense of accomplishment?