So Your Boss Spits When He Yells


The spit comes flying out

of his mouth,

splashing on to his desk.


He doesn’t even have the decency to stand up.


His fat tired legs are tired of making an effort.


Funny thing is he doesn’t have a problem yelling at you until his veins turn red to purple.


He’s pissed because of

a mistake you made.


Encouragement isn’t in his vocabulary.


You must master

your happiness.


You are the King of sweet smiles,


and compassion.


You have to give yourself the encouragement that he doesn’t give.


The courage to find a job

that will end

the big bad wolf’s intense anger.


To a place that won’t stress you out at night as you are trying to fall asleep.


You’ve always had the power

to improve your career,

it’s been hiding in your back pocket this whole time.


Pull it out and change…


Change the thoughts and external pain

so you can put out work

that will bring you

the life that you deserve.



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Image courtesy of JelleS