Change Messes With Everyone

I’m at a new office where I originally didn’t want to be. I tried to fight it with every part of my being, but it turns out it’s not as bad as I expected it to be. It’s amazing how fast we adjust once we are thrown into a situation.

I started to see all the positive angles from the change – the new co-workers, old friends and discovering the surrounding area during my lunch.  I could have focused on all the changes I didn’t like, multiplying all the pain, but as you know multiplying pain is usually a bad idea. 

The Emotional Steps of Change


The initial response to change is denial. You want a situation to stay the same. We like for things to feel comfortable. 


The next response is to get irritated at whomever or whatever caused the change.  We put the blame on whoever caused us to feel this way because it’s easier. When in reality it’s how you chose to react to the situation.

All of us deal with change on a daily basis. I might get stuck behind a slow-poke on my way into work. If I left earlier I would take it in stride because there isn’t any pressure. If I’m pressed for time I get upset. The same problem can spur two different reactions.


The next response is to want to give up. Nothing matters and you can’t believe that you have to put up with all the crap. We’ve accepted the situation, but don’t know how to handle it.


The last stage is optimism. The resilient mind finds a way to see a little hope in the change. This usually take a few days depending on how attached we are to the old routine. The more we develop our emotional intelligence, the faster we can process our emotions and come out of it happier.

When I was told to move to a new office that was farther from my house I went through all these phases. And through it all I realize I can adapt to any situation. Because I’m a survivor. You are also a survivor or you wouldn’t be reading this blog post. You look for ways to make your present situation tolerable and/or enjoyable.

What did you learn this week? Did it help build upon your personal development? Have you gone through any of these phases of change at your job?

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