Chest Clearing Club – Turds, Arch nemesis and Jerks

monkey-hugs-catThe winter is a time for reflection.

I used to be a very bi-polar and unhappy person. It’s why I started writing. I needed to release the crappy thoughts sitting on me like a big stinky turd, so I could move on to projects I enjoyed.

There was nothing medically wrong with me. I was just me.

It’s actually been a beautiful ride so far. I realize this after many hours of yoga, meditation and journaling. My ability to reframe a difficult situation has helped me improve my happiness by leaps and bounds.

I remember the time my first boss called me a monkey. It was a slap in the face. I literally felt the sting of pain when I heard those words.


Just the other day that sting came back when someone commented on my YouTube video on the effects of fast food. They called me sickly and pale, but what really hurt was their opinion of me being a mentally slow narrator. There was this brief moment of “was he right?” My arch nemesis began to rip back into my thoughts.

I’m not here to let other people opinions affect how I do my work. I’m tired of trying to align myself with the masses. I tried to do it for over 20 years. Each time I tried, I missed the mark.

I’m here to help people who want my help. That’s it. I can’t waste my time on worrying about what other people think of my work. I can only be as awesome as I can be.


You can’t do great work until you allow yourself to be vulnerable.  That means taking a stand and not worrying about what other people think. If you are too afraid of the jerks out there, you won't be creating conversations with people that want to hear about what you really have to say.

You have to release your attachment to what other people are saying. Other people's opinions aren't you.

You need to practice letting go of people who like to drop turds on your work, so you can move on to better and bigger projects.

Today I want to start the Chest Clearing Club (CCC) so we can move on to projects that make us happy. I want people to leave comments on things that are bothering them so they can move on to the enjoyable stuff. We can't let our pasts get in the way.

Your Turn

So what kind of work are you doing that sucks your energy?

What can you do to stop letting other people's opinions dictate your choices?

It’s not so much creating a solution right now. Let’s identify what sucks about our careers and then figure out how to create a plan and move on to something better.

Side Note: I contributed to a really cool project called "The Great Life Philosophies." Joe Wilner put the project together and I'm very impressed by the contributions. It's a collection of 12 well-known bloggers who give their best advice. You can download the ebook for free here.

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