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Choose Laughter

He stopped his car right in front of me, backed into a driveway, and started turning around.

“What are you doing!” I screamed at the man.

I was on a mission. I needed gas and this guy was turning around right in front of me.

As he turned around he drove right by me without a courtesy wave.

How could he be so rude?

Then I realized he might be embarrassed. He made a mistake and I was making him feel worse about it. How could he look me in the eyes?

It reminded me of my conversation with my friend Rob. I shared the ideas in this book. I explained the importance of gratitude. He told me that when he gets treated rudely during his commute he chooses laughter.

It’s a old Yoga technique.

You just start laughing and let it build.

I started to laugh. I laughed at how angry I was over something that caused me to wait for an extra 10 seconds while he turned around. I laughed at my embarrassment. I laughed at a tough conversation with a coworker that I had last week. I laughed at my frustration with kids not picking up their toys. My laughter increased and I started laughing because I was enjoying myself.

It felt strange at first, but then I felt good. I actually felt great. It was the release I needed from the tension building up over the last few days.

I felt so lucky for my friend Rob.

Then I felt grateful for this blog post because it spurred the conversation with my friend Rob.

Next time you are having a tough moment in traffic just laugh it off. Give into the laughter, don’t push it away.

Watch how a fake laugh can turn into a real laugh.

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