Become 31% More Productive

Do you want to be 31% more productive?

Then you are in the right spot.

One of the most underutilized tools is gratitude. I found that a well timed compliment can lift the your spirits and inspire your to do great work.

When you you feel grateful it boosts your confidence. It’s confidence that is vital to stop yourself from procrastinating on important projects.

It’s so important, but so many people don’t work on practicing this skill.

They expect that if they focus on their mistakes or weaknesses that they will help themselves grow. Yes, you need to understand and learn from your mistakes, but too much focus on your mistakes decreases your motivation. If you have 3 positive interactions to 1 negative one to keep yourself at your current production. You need 6 positive interactions to 1 negative one to increase productivity by 31%.

This goes double for your mindset. If you have 6 positive thoughts to 1 negative one you’ll easily double your productivity.

That’s where I come in. We start with your mindset first. Once you have your mindset in the heading in the right direction then we can focus on your leadership skills.

You can increase your team’s productivity by 31% by bringing more gratitude to work every day.

I can help you create a more positive and grateful mindset.

If you are interested in working with Karl then fill out this application. I’ll reach out within 48 hours to see if we are a good fit to work together.


Hi, I'm Karl Staib

I've struggled like everyone else. I've had relationship problems, laid off from a job, 5 years without a raise increase, Cancer, fired from another, money issues, and happiness problems. I've studied happiness for over 10 years, speaking to thousands of people all over the world and the one thing that has helped me change from someone that struggled with feeling happy to someone that wakes up excited by what the day will bring is Gratitude.

What are you most grateful for today?