Create A Members Only Club The Google Way

Google has a name for all their employees – Googlers. When I first heard this I thought it was cheesy, but the more I thought about it the more it made sense. They are a club of elite people who are trying to change the world. That’s the message that people want to send when they create a club. They feel special to be at a place where others want to be. They are proud to call themselves Googlers.

Google will never be the perfect work environment for every type of person. A lot of people don’t like the competition and the stress, but others do and it works for them. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. No place is perfect, but Google does a great job of creating an atmosphere that feels special.

An Organic Culture - Don't Force It

I don’t think that you should come up with a cheesy name like Googler for your employees. It probably won’t work. The reason it won’t work is because it needs to happen naturally. I tried to find where the name Googler came from, but couldn’t. I was surprised to find that wikipedia considered anyone that felt like they were an expert in Google called themselves Googlers. This name is spreading to the users as well. That’s magical branding that rarely happens.

Your Company Community

You can create that same feeling on a smaller scale. Your community of employees and customers talk about you too. Do you help influence the message or do you just let it happen? You have to be proactive like Google. Allow people to understand what your company is all about and how you should be perceived.

Your company needs to feel special to its employees otherwise it’s just another job where they put in the time, but not the effort. You have to figure out why it’s so special to work in your organization.

Creating a Special Culture

The best way to create a special culture (an employee/customer Tribe if you will – Seth Godin style) is to find out why people choose to work for you or buy from you.  Do you provide that extra attention to detail that your competition doesn’t? Do you give your customers a call after they’ve had your product for two months just to chat and check in? Let’s say you are a massage therapist and you asked all your first time clients what famous dead person they would love to have a conversation with. (A little weird, but it works) The next time they come back, you might Google their favorite person and get them to talk about their lives. Whatever you do to show your customers and employees that you care will help you forge relationships that will last years, and in turn they will probably refer you to other friends and family.

You can get people in your employee and user community talking about you like they talk about Google, by staying true to your personality and core strengths. It will take some creative brainstorming every few months, but it will be worth your time to create a club like atmosphere that makes people feel special.


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