Day 1of 30 - No complaining

My first day of no complaining went well. My mood was especially chipper. I wasn't surprised by this because I could tell that I was on a mission. I wasn't going to succumb to the temptation of whining/complaining.

I only noticed myself complain when I was interrupted in the middle of an email. My boss wanted me to work on a different project and a little complaint came out. I whined that I wasn't able to finish my thought. I didn't let my boss hear my complaint, it was just under my breath, but alas it was still there.

Internal Complaining

I could feel my internal whine begin to come out on my way home. Traffic wasn't too bad, but it's a weak spot for me. I think this was due to my low blood sugar levels. I usually stop snacking around 3pm, so as not to fill myself up before dinner. I'm going to keep an eye on this because I might be able to reduce my complaining by keeping my blood sugar at a tolerable level or actually learning to deal with less food and not let my body dictate my happiness. This will be fun.

Before I allowed the usual commuting to rage come out, I decided to nip it in the bud with a book on tape. By occupying my mind I was able to relax pretty much my whole way home. I've tried this before, but my ADD usually kicks in and I forget to stay focused. I made up my mind to listen to the book and I stayed with it.

My wife was at night school so I was stuck walking the dog and cooking a meal. We usually trade off, so a little sigh came out. I considered it a complaint. I'm trying to be tough on myself in the beginning so I'll improve as the 30 days progress.

By Product of the No Complaining 30 day trial

My face was very relaxed today. Most days I have some tension in my forehead, lower back and jaw. This tension was non existent. I'm not sure if it was a lucky day or not, but I'm going to keep an eye on this too.

Because I'm not allowed to complain I'm noticing that my thoughts are trying to find something positive in the situation. I think all my personal development work over these past ten years has really helped me to reach this level.  Not too bad (a little pat on the back. My mini celebration - Yes!)

I can feel that it's easier to access positive thoughts because I've been planting positive seeds that are really flourishing.

I've decided I'm not going to write about No Complaining every day. I think my next post on the no complaining trial will be this time next week, unless some brilliant breakthrough occurs.

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