Design Friendly Atmosphere

A place that feels friendly is friendly. As long as people feel comfortable they will work in a more relaxed and creative fashion. Google makes sure that their people can express themselves in ways that range from a pimped out Simpsons cubicle to an office that looks like it’s out of the Ikea catalogue.

Google Slide

This Google Slide is from their office in Zurich. It’s a great example of how to make the office feel fun. Even if no one rides it, the employees are still walking by it every day. This signals to them that they are in a special place.

Design Team

You have an infinite amount of tools at your disposal that you can use to create an environment that is fun and extends the company’s personality. You can create a team of people with a budget of $100 whose job is to go out and find cool things to put in the office. You can stipulate that nothing should cost over $20. The employees can vote on where each object will be placed, hung or hidden (you don’t want to gross out anyone).

I know that I would want to be on this team. If I were an employee who was sent on a mission to spruce up the office for an afternoon, I would jump at the chance.

Create Discussion Through Design

It’s a company’s job to create a design friendly atmosphere that inspires great work. It doesn’t matter whether or not everyone likes the new decorations. What matters is that it creates discussion.

Co-workers who get to know each other will treat each other like family. They might not “like” each other, but they will find love within each other to co-exist.


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