Do You Conference?

guy-k-SXSWLately I’ve been thinking about conferences. I was contacted by Texas Text Book Conference for a quote on a work happiness keynote speech. They are interested in the work happiness concept. Even if they don’t hire me, I know that work happiness is taking over the business world.

One day companies will care just as much about an employee’s happiness as they will about how much money they earned. Google’s 20% Rule is an example  of a concept that fits with this type of thinking. Companies will see that when employees are happy, they are more creative and productive, which will in turn earn the company even more money. (Wow! That was a little rant that I wasn’t expecting.)


I’ve attended a lot of conferences and I’m always amazed when people act like they are a chore. Their company is paying for them to learn new concepts. That’s a wonderful gift.

Not every speaker will inspire, but almost every speaker usually has one nugget that can help you improve personally and/or professionally. The difference between a person who goes home with nothing and a person filled with ideas is curiosity. Engaged attendees enjoy a conference much more than the bored attendee, and they also find more ideas that they can apply to life and work. It's all about attitude. The people who choose to be curious and excited about who they meet will get more out of a conference.


BlogCatalog posted an article on their blog about a contest for a free pass to the Blog World and New Media Expo. What a fantastic opportunity – Darren Rowse, Brian Clark, Steve Rubel and Chris Brogan will be in attendance. If a person can’t learn a ton from this group then they don’t deserve to have a blog.

Connecting with people is vital to working happy – from your co-workers to other people in your industry. When you build relationships, you are increasing your network. This network will help you find ways to enjoy your present job, find a new job, or find clients.

One of my favorite conferences of all time was WorldBlu Live. Every speaker was thought provoking. Alex Kjerulf the Chief Happiness Officer was just as cool in person as he is on his blog. That conference changed my life forever.

What was the last conference you attended?

Did you find any nuggets of wisdom that helped your career or life?

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