Does Your Mission Inspire?

Google’s motto is “Do no Evil.” They probably decided on this because of all the back stabbing and money grabbing in today’s corporate environment. They wanted to send a statement out to the public that they are there to help them connect with the information they need, but they aren’t going to do it if it causes people harm.

They believe in using as few natural resources as possible to provide their servers with energy and their employees with great work. They have one of the best recycling programs and solar panel infrastructures at their facilities. People want to work for a company that considers the future health of the earth, especially forward thinking employees that work at Google.

What can you do to connect with your employees’ concerns?

Ask your employees what they care about. It’s as simple as that.

If they are worried about environmental issues then plan for the company to take an afternoon off and help plant trees at a local park. When you do things like this don’t be afraid to get some PR out of it. You want the community to know that you care about the earth too.

If they are worried about their healthcare then create a small team with the HR manager as the lead. Have them research other healthcare plans and see how much money they might save if the company would switch to another carrier. Once they reach that allotted time they must present their information to management.

Your employees are unique and have many ideas that they would love to share if you only ask.

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