Empower the Employees to Improve the Company

Google has an internal website called “Google Ideas.”  Googlers submit their suggestions on how to improve a product or how to make things better at Google. Their co-workers can read this site and give their feedback by rating the suggestion and leaving comments. Management monitors this website very closely so they can stay abreast of their employees’ feelings.

Opinions Matter

Your company can create an expressive outlet for your employees. This will empower them to make suggestions that will probably help the company function better, creating engagement and loyalty.

You need to show your employees that their opinions matter.

You don’t need a computer program to keep track of all the suggestions. All you need is a box where employees can anonymously drop in suggestions as well as encouragement from the company explaining the importance of giving this a fair try.

Implement and Watch What Happens

This may be hard to foster in an old-school company, but there is always hope. It starts with small steps. Explain how it will improve employee engagement and customer loyalty.

Implement the program for only a month and watch the magic slowly occur. It’s like magical fairy dust that lifts morale and improves the company.

I know I’m pouring it on a little thick, but trust me it works.

If the employees don’t come up with some awesome ideas that make them more productive then scrap it, but if they do then you’ve just struck employee gold.



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