Happy at Work Action Day is Here

We are celebrating happiness at work on a Monday. I know it’s tough getting the motivation flowing. That’s why I chose October 5th. It’s the first Monday in October, during that time of year when most of the northern hemisphere is struggling with declining daylight hours and ensuing colder weather. It’s the time of year to hunker down and find ways to be happy with the present moment.

Many people have been letting me know that doing all four elements of the Happy at Work Action Day will feel forced. I suggest picking two and making that your mission today.

4 Rules to Happiness at Work Action Day

1. Celebrate! (i.e.Throw an office party.)
2. Reward a deserving co-worker or client.
3. Reward yourself for a recent accomplishment.
4. Take 5 minutes to reflect on the crazy beauty in your life.

If you would like to take five minutes and reflect on the crazy beauty in your life by writing in the comment section, you’ll be halfway to accomplishing your happy at work mission.

Remember, whoever participates by writing about how the day made them feel or linking back to me will be put into a drawing for a free hour of consulting (one personal and one organizational). Check out the details on the Happy at Work Action Day page. Any bloggers who write about this event can also win a Blog Catalog 6 month memberships.

I hope you have an amazing Happy at Work Action Day. Let me know how it helped you. Hopefully the comment section will blow up with new ideas and happiness.

I’ve decided to buy some decadent food, Quaker granola bars that they try to market as healthy, but they are really candy bars and Pirate Booty, that aren’t good for the waist line, but a great way to celebrate.

This day to celebrate work happiness is all about creating a Happy at Work Project. We all need some guidelines to improve your happiness, so get started today.


Congratulation to the Alex the Cheif Happiness Officer for getting married to a wonderful woman - Patricia. I wish I could have been there to enjoy the moment. Don't ever forget - it's so much easier to be happy at work when you are happy at home.

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