Hard, Fun and Beautiful – Creative Pen Edition

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Where we are free to talk about the hard, the fun, and the beautiful of our work week.

Ahhhh, my cold has subsided and I can function again. What a relief to be healthy again. It’s funny how quickly we adapt to situations and forget the beauty in being healthy.

I can exercise again. I miss it so much. All my stress builds up without some good cardio, strength training, and stretching (AKA Yoga).

When we don’t have something that we once had (and enjoyed), it’s so easy to see the beauty that we don’t hold any longer. We need to remind ourselves of what life was like when we were feeling bad. Help us put our working lives into perspective every now and again.

Alright. It’s time.


A good opportunity missed.

I cold called a local organization to see if they need a speaker. They are fairly large and have two conferences each year.

The man on the other end of the phone had a monthly meeting coming up where he would propose new speakers. He was interested in me coming to talk to his group. This could lead to bigger opportunities.

I waited.

No call.

I called back.

Voice mail.



Putting the finishing touches on my teleseminar.

I’m getting excited because I have so many good things happening in 2010. A book, crazy good teleseminar, and another project that I’m looking to launch in the Fall, but I’m not quite ready to talk about it.

The teleseminar is fun because I’m tweaking and adding to my material to create a great experience. I’ve never had this much fun editing. If you want to learn more then check out the page – How to Kick Butt at Work and Be Happy Too.


I wrote a post about having a favorite pen and it’s funny how it keeps coming back to me. I’ve discovered another favorite pen, that makes four.

I love using these pens because I know that some cool thought will be put down on to paper with these pens that will change the course of my business. By putting my faith in these objects I’m creating great creative Karma.

It’s a win, win, win. What is more beautiful than that?

What about you?

What has been hard, fun and beautiful in your life? I’ll see you in the comment section.

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