Hard Fun and Beautiful – Dragonflies Edition

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This week I needed to get some stuff off my chest. Working happy is not always about feeling wonderful. Working happy, to me, is about relaxing wherever I am at. That means if I’m pissed off because someone took the last dash of creamer for my coffee then so be it. I have to find a way to relax with whatever emotions are bouncing around in me.

We all get our buttons pushed in various ways. It’s important to learn how to work with these hot buttons in order to enjoy more of what we do while earning a living.

One of my hot buttons was recently pushed by a friend. He told me my videos needed to step up a few levels. They had potential, but needed improvement. I resisted at first, but he was right. So, I changed the format of my videos. As you can see, I’m making it a little more cozy and injecting more of what I’m going through.

I know you go through tough stuff at work too. That’s why I’m covering the hard, fun and beautiful to see if we can explore a deeper level of work happiness.

Here are the topics I cover this week:


  • Computer problems are a part of all of our lives. I just hate when it happens to me. I updated my blog to the latest WordPress release and I couldn’t upload a photo. I checked the forums, other blogs, and fiddled with it for hours. Nothing worked.
  • A meeting can set off internal alarm bells. I had a meeting where I had to present information and I was worried about how it would be perceived. I even had trouble falling asleep the night before. I went into the meeting ready to be confronted. Nothing happened. I was fine. I worried over an event I couldn’t change.


  • Launch of my eCourse. My Free 10 Week eCourse went live and it’s a success. Yeah! Over 100 people have signed up in less than 2 weeks.


  • Dragonflies. After my tough day of WordPress issues and meeting problems I was worn out. Every night I take my dog Addie for a walk. She is a mix of energy and stubbornness, which makes her a lot to handle but for some reason it relaxes me. On our walk I noticed a swarm of dragonflies around one tree. I stood for a good 5 minutes and just watched them dart high and low. It was beautiful. I realized that I have a lot of stress relief techniques that I’m so grateful for.

What about you?

What happened to you this past week? What was hard, fun or beautiful? I would love to hear it in the comment section.


I've been researching social media and how to use it in conjunction with my blog. Valeria of Conversation Agent has been a great read. She talks about how to build value for your people. I need to be as valuable as I can be for you so you keep coming back.

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