Hard, Fun and Beautiful - Red Skin Edition

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Where we are free to talk about the hard, the fun, and the beautiful of our work week.

Dealing with negative emotions isn’t easy. This past week I made a couple of blunders that made me beat myself up. I guess the event didn’t make me. I made the choice to beat myself up.

I’m learning to just be with my emotions, instead of trying to force change.

Emotional intelligence is maybe the most important factor to achieving work happiness. The more we can develop our ability to interact with our emotions, the more we can enjoy work.

Let’s Begin…


Smashing my finger in the drawer. Every time I typed, the pain would remind me of my stupidity. The hard part wasn’t the pain. The hard part was that I kept beating myself up throughout the day. I whispered to myself, “I can’t believe I was that stupid.” I know this doesn’t help, but I felt so… well… stupid. It’s hard to be compassionate with myself. I know it’s vital to being happy at work. It’s just something I’m working on.


Tweaking my keynote presentation to put a little more of my personality in it was fun. I used to hate doing this type of work. I just wanted to get out there and talk, but now I realize that improving the details magnifies the value in the presentation. I recognize that improving the details is what separates me from other speakers. It’s a big part of why I started Work Happy Now. I wanted to find ways to enjoy diving into the details, swimming around and reveling in the work. I’ve been improving this part of my personality and loving the results. Personal growth at work is an amazing experience.


The apple on my desk. It sits there waiting for me to eat it. It has red skin on the outside with slight streaks of green. It’s a Fuji. I feel so lucky to have such natural goodness ready for me to eat when I’m hungry.

What about you?

What has been hard, fun and beautiful in your life? I’ll see you in the comment section.

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