Hard Fun and The Beautiful – Bamboo Edition

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This week has been up and down and left and right. My emotions have been a little unstable, but I’ve been doing the best I can. I feel bad for Nikki because I was really grumpy a few days ago. I had trouble finding a balance between work and play.

This video covers the Hard, Fun and Beautiful of my week.

Here are the topics I cover:


- Balance of family and work life. I do Work Happy Now on the side, so a lot of my free time goes to content, marketing and connecting. I’ve been having trouble finding a balance between family and work. I want to build this site up to help more and more people, but I don’t want to miss my son growing up. It’s a daily balance that takes a lot of awareness.


- I was asked to join an bloggers’ alliance spurred on by Darren of Problogger’s post, Let me Show You Inside a Secret Blogging Alliance. I’m not allowed to say who asked me, but it’s some really awesome people. I feel very lucky. I just know that I’ll take this blog to the next level. And of course, I’ll bring all of you with me.


- I have a bamboo plant on my desk at work. Most days I ignore it, but this week it keeps drawing my attention back to it. I can’t help but notice the variance of green in each leaf. There is also this little sprout shooting up from underneath the pebbles. I forgot to water it for a week and it still finds a way to prosper.  We may not always feel appreciated at work, but we still have to find a way to prosper and grow.

How about you?

What happened to you that was Hard, Fun and Beautiful? I would love to hear what you have to say in the comment section.

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One of the first places I go to get an emotional boost is Marc and Angel Hack Life. All of the articles are top notch, but one of my favorite posts is Who Will Save Your Life?

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