Hard, Fun, and the Beautiful - Before it Gets Cold Edition

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Whenever I go away I can see time slipping by. I love going back to the place I grew up, but I feel like I fall farther behind on my dream while I am away. Dealing with these feelings is never easy.

So let’s get started.


Traveling. I went back home for a friend’s wedding. When a person is involved with a wedding there is a lot of chatting, hanging and talking. As the minutes tick by, I think about Work Happy Now and I worry about giving you more value. I know I can’t work all the time, but it just feels a little painful when I’m not working or spending time with Nikki and the kid.

Fall mosquitoes have come out in Texas because we are finally getting rain and all those little puddles are breeding grounds for those blood suckers.


A friend’s wedding. As much as I feel disrupted by a big event I still feel love for the new people that I meet. There are so many generous and caring people out there. Too often we get caught up in the bad and forget about how 99% of the people we meet are truly kind. We danced to the song “Brick House” and young women were strutting their stuff. That’s what weddings are all about: celebrating the relationships that we have with each other. A lot people say it’s all about the bride, but it’s all about the friendships.


Fall flowers. With all the rain we’ve been having it has become fertile ground for some beautiful flowers. There was a purple flower that pushed up and out of the earth that took my breath away. I stopped, knelt down, and just looked at all its perfectness. I’m just enjoying these flowers before it gets too cold and everything hibernates till spring.

How about you?

What has been hard, fun, and beautiful in your life? Let us know in the comment section.

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