Hard, Fun and The Beautiful – Beautiful Brain Edition

Where we are free to talk about the hard, the fun, and the beautiful of our work week.

This week has been more positive than negative. Since starting this blog, that has been the continuing trend that seems to occur each week. By focusing on helping other people become happier at work, I’ve increased my own happiness. That’s the beauty of passion. It stops being about “me” and starts being about “others.”

It’s why people love sports. We get to root with all our heart and souls for people we don’t know. We learn their stories and find a way to care. Movies, TV, and books have that same emotional hook. We stop worrying about our own lives and care about other people and animals (I love nature shows).

Let’s begin.


Trying to relax with my work. Sometimes I get so excited that I get all worked up and my brain can’t move as fast as my excitement. For example, I realize that I need to create a “physical” book that people can hold in their hands in order to reach more people. I’ve probably become an authority on work happiness in your eyes, but to the non-blogger a book pushes me up a few levels when consulting and giving key note presentations. This is an awesomely (I think that’s a word) hard project, and it’s a lot of work. As I’m looking over old blog posts to see what I can use in the book, I get tense. I’m trying too hard to get it all done as quickly as I can. I need to remind myself to just relax and pull back my excitement by 10%. The book will be much better if I write it in a relaxed state.


Phone consultation with a business/marketing consultant. Naomi of Ittybiz consulted with me about the direction of my site and how to maximize my sales page, products (soon to come), and my blog posts. She was brilliant. I told her in a “thank you” email that I loved her brain and I could talk to her for hours. Honest compliments are the grease to your relationships. She gave me so many good ideas that my head is still spinning. She is expensive, but well worth the money.


A “thank you” email. I got an email from a reader thanking me for the Happy at Work Project. She said that she used to be so depressed at work, and when she found my site it changed her life. This made my week. I’m still beaming four days later. See, compliments make me weak in the knees.

How about you?

What has been hard, fun, and beautiful in your life? Let us know in the comment section.

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The Bold Life is talking about happiness at work. She has a couple cool videos about the rapping Southwest Airlines attendant. You have to watch it. It's why Southwest has such a cool culture.

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