Hard, Fun and Beautiful – Team Work Edition

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Where we are free to talk about the hard, the fun, and the beautiful of our work week.

There were so many great responses from last week’s Hard, Fun and Beautiful post. I’m amazed by people’s compassion, understanding, and encouragement. My readers listened and gave me some great feedback. Click here to go check it out if you have a chance.

We all struggle. This will never stop.

What we can do is share and help each other grow. That’s why I created Work Happy Now: so we can create a group of people who want to do great work and enjoy the heck out of it.

OK, enough of my gushing. All of you know I love you for being regular readers of Work Happy Now.

Let’s begin…


Staying up until midnight working on sales materials.

I had to email a contact my information, but I also needed to adjust the material to fit this company’s needs. My wife edited my changes then I fixed it and sent it off.

I was so excited that I couldn’t fall asleep right away. The next day was a struggle. It was interesting to be so high then watch my mood the next day be so low.


A big company is interested in work happiness. It would look great on my resume.

I was contacted by a big time company to see if I was willing to do a workshop with them. The manager wants to help his team of 25 employees to become more engaged with their work.

I can’t disclose the company, but if I get the job then I’ll be sure to tell you. It’s great to see that larger companies are following this blog and are interested in making their people happier.


Team work.

It takes a team to get anything done. My wife is editing my book right now (yes, there is a book due out soon) and I’m so grateful to have her support. Some spouses don’t believe in the other spouse’s dreams, so not everyone gets the kind of support that I am receiving.

In my case, my wife is behind me 100% and I’m so glad she is because I feel like I can accomplish anything.

I’ve read and talked to many people who don’t have the support of their spouses. I can see how difficult that would be.

What about you?

What has been hard, fun and beautiful in your life? I’ll see you in the comment section.

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