Heart or Fear - Cartoon

I’m a big believer in creativity at work. We need to expand outside our comfort zones to reach the good stuff. That’s why I draw. It forces me to find new angles on work happiness. How do you find new angles?


There are thousands of choices that we make in a day, consciously and unconsciously, but they usually boil down to two emotions.




We usually choose the safe. At least I do, but I do have my good days when the fear doesn't seem so strong and I go with my heart.

In those magical moments, I know that I have potential to do great work. When the courage wears off, I cling to the joy that my courage overwhelmed my fear.

I've been working on leading with my heart. It's not easy, but so worth it when I do.

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* Michael of Do More Great Work created a video post of his office space. It's called My Great Work office. My favorite part is his productivity system. I need one of those.

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